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Why use the WordPress CMS over other website builders?

Whether we're building a business website, blog or e-commerce platform, WordPress's adaptability and proven track record make it the ideal CMS to transform your vision into a stunning and functional website.

Website Owner Using Wordpress

WordPress has all the tools a designer needs to develop a truly memorable website and the technical simplicity for you to add your own content and grow your site.

Custom designed for you

If you’ve looked at the free themes available on WordPress, you’ll understand that you don’t want to use one of these for your professional presentation – the themes are very basic and lack a graphic designer’s input. And you don’t want your website to look as plain and generic as everyone else!

Gives you the edge over your competitors.

In a custom website design, as professional designers, we look at developing the site from the point of view of your brand and messaging. We employ techniques to optimise your site for user behaviour – ensuring your visitors get the best possible navigation of your unique web content. A custom design solution combines the impact of branded aesthetics with a the right level of functionality and excellent user experience.

Room to grow.

A WordPress CMS will future-proof the content of your website for years to come. In the future, new styles can be applied to your site and your site’s architecture can be more easily rearranged as the content on your site grows and changes. Similarly, new functionality can be more easily developed for your site in the future, as and when you need it – like ecommerce stores, booking system or social media integrations, to name just a few.

Leverage from our WordPress experience

Getting real results for our WordPress customers

Your budget doesn’t have to constrain your online business goals. With a bespoke WordPress website design package, your business will experience quality results at competitive prices where you only pay for what you need.

All our WordPress web design projects come with the X factor. Our customers appreciate the strategy and planning support they receive to help them identify their goals and target audience – and to set the right design and messaging for their business.

Custom Build

Get an originally designed site for your business, built with wordpress and the latest add-ons for improved back-end management, security, loading speed and responsive design.

On-Page SEO

With over 10 years experience in data management – we ensure your site has a robust data architecture and on-page SEO, ensuring your web pages get listed and found correctly in the search engines.

Custom look and feel

As front-end website designers, we custom design the graphical content and optimise all photography for your site from the ground up – giving you a fully unique website design

Intuitive user engagement

As a UX and UI designer, we develop sites with a focus on the best possible user experience for your content. WordPress offers great tools for UI at it’s core and my experience and passion for good user interaction means we can develop a seamless user flow for your visitors.

Jon Pike - Web Designer
August 15, 20235 minute read
Custom Web Design

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