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Self Managed Websites: What’s involved?

If you want to manage your new website in-house, how does the web design process and handover work? This article will walk you through our experience and the support we offer for self-managed WordPress websites.

Man using self managed Wordpress website

A self-managed website puts you in control of our customer communications

We can set up all the technical and initial design requirements of your site and then hand the site over to you to grow it – adding new pages and updating your content whenever you want.

Self managed websites built with WordPress.

WordPress began as a blogging tool, but has now become the most popular database-driven platform on the web. WordPress powers more that 30% of CMS websites on the web today. We use the WordPress CMS platform for self-managed websites because it offers the most dependable, flexible, secure and cost-effective CMS available. Its popularity ensures it has the best variety of available plugins and applications and many unique solutions and toolsets for more specialised website functionality. The learning curve for self-managing a WordPress website is markedly easier than other CMS platforms like Joomla.

Fully supported

Once you site is live, we’re available to help and support your self-managed WordPress website.

Easily manage permission levels

With a WordPress CMS website, you can manage the permissions for all the users on your site, deciding who can edit or modify which content and applications.

The best plugins and add-ons

We use recognised platforms and solutions to ensure you get a well-supported, future-proof solution.

No coding required

You’ll be able to change and update your site with an easy-to-use visual page builder and text editor.

What’s involved in managing your own site?

The learning curve for self-managing a WordPress website is markedly easier than other CMS platforms like Joomla. A dynamic, self-managed website will have all the same modern features, like mobile phone and tablet responsivity.

Get in touch if you’d like learn more about self-managed websites or if would like a demo of what’s involved in managing your own WordPress website in-house.

Jon Pike - Web Designer
August 15, 20233 minute read
Custom Web Design

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