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What can improved UI/UX Design do for your Website?

A great user experience on your website will turn casual visitors into returning visitors, give you better credibility and will ultimately drive leads and conversions. But what is UI/UX design and how does it help?

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Designing Websites for Humans

Your visitors have found your website online! That’s great news – but just how great is their experience using your site? For a Melbourne Freelance UI/UX Designer passionate about their craft, the user interface design (UI) and the overall user experience design (UX) is the more important professional contribution a designer can make to the appeal of your website for your visitors.

UI UX Designer for effective Front End website design

Oftentimes, new customers will engage with your business for the very first time online. First impressions matter and a poorly designed interaction with your website can cost you sales and leads. Professionally designed aesthetics combined with innovative design solutions are considerations a website designer makes to present your content in the best possible way online. A great user experience on your website will turn casual visitors into returning visitors, give you better credibility and will ultimately drive leads and conversions.

How is a better user experience achieved?

Aesthetics – Appearance is one of the first things to consider when working on a new site or a redesign. Getting the ‘tone’ right for a website is the first hurdle to overcome and this involves consideration of theme, style, colours, layout, visual elements and typefaces. All of these elements must effectively convey the way you want to engage with your visitor and how you want them to perceive you.

Navigation – Navigation can make or break a website’s user experience. Making choices based on the site content and how a user is intended to navigate the content is of great importance to the experience. This involves consideration of how menus are presented (both on mobiles and desktops), navigational structure and breadcrumb trails.

Visual Cues – It’s important to allow visitors on your website to be able to easily find the information they want and then direct them to the course of action you want them to take – such as filing out a form or picking up the phone. User interface design (UI) achieves this by strategic placement of links and the weight of the design cues placed on those links – like buttons, font choices, pictures, calls to action and offers. Ideally, design cues should influence the user behaviour and keep their attention until they have got the information they need and they have taken some action based on what they’ve learned along the way.

What does a Melbourne Freelance UI UX Designer provide?

Web page design / redesign – A website design will usually comprise key page layouts of Home, About, Contact, Services, Blog Page. Each of these pages and any other key pages will receive an appropriate design consideration to improve the page’s aesthetics and functionality – resulting in an improved user interaction and improved quality leads and sales. The pricing is baed on the number of website pages required to be enhanced with strategic UX/UI design.

Improvement of site usability.

Devoting additional resources to UI/UX design improves the usability of the site for visitors and gets your message across better, leading to a more positive site interaction – which is better for the presentation and experience of your brand.

Helps your SERP ranking.

Better user interactions and more visitor-time spent on your web pages that matter most will improve your bounce rate and overall ranking in search engine results.

Increase in conversions and leads.

Clearer site usability helps visitors navigate to the information they’re looking for and creates more clearer calls to action – generating an improvement in leads, sales and customer communications.

Goals driven user experiences

A Freelance UI UX Designer who gets results

A graphic designer knows how to use grid systems, colour, visual elements and type effectively. A web designer knows how to effectively organise the data architecture of a website. But a UI/UX designer knows how to put these disciplines together to create a great user experience. When it comes to UI/UX design, we’re best placed to create competitive and results-driven work to best present your services and products online – adding real value to your online profile.

Jon Pike - Web Designer
August 15, 20236 minute read
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