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Why we recommend Woocommerce for our eCommerce builds?

With so many eCommerce solutions available, we give you a rundown of why Woocommerce is our eCommerce platform of choice. Let's look at some of the features of Woocommerce and why we use it to successfully sell your products online and manage your online store.

Woocommerce ecommerce logo

Because it’s the most customisable eCommerce platform on the web. A Melbourne Woocommerce Designer can fully integrate your Woocommerce store with the powerful features of a WordPress site and Woocommerce offers hundreds of free and low-cost extensions to better help you sell online, grow your store and find more customers. As of 2019, Woocommerce leads with the market share of 22% of all eCommerce platforms.

A high quality ecommerce solution

As Woocommerce Designers, we partner closely with our eCommerce customers to deliver and support superior online stores that actively work to grow sales, give you all the tools to manage your online store and to find more of your customers online.

Learning to use Woocommerce is a synch!
Woocommerce is also the most popular eCommerce platform available – it has the most amount of free support available – from YouTube videos to online documentation – so you can get things moving quicker than any other platform. And I’ll be there to support, grow and enhance your store any time you need me.

Full back-end store manager.
Everything you need to run and manage an online store is included with a Woocommerce build. You can manage customer accounts, offer refunds, manage inventory, manage orders, perform one-click customer communications and even manage your sales team.

Custom theme development

Although there are free themes and paid themes available, I can create a custom-fit ecommerce store that is on-brand and on-message and the perfect fit for your particular product offerings.

Woocommerce site maintenance.

As seasoned WordPress designers, we’ll be there to handle any problems of training. We can also provide IT support, updates, maintenance operations, backups and site improvements.

Development and Setup.

With experienced Woocommerce web designers, we can advice and consult on the best plugins, tools and add-ons – ensuring your launch goes to plan and one the day it should without any technical hiccups and setbacks.

Training and support services.

You’re not alone with your new store. We can be available to offer user training, setup and configuration of third-party plugins and system upgrades. We can even manage your licences and payment gateways to give you a seamless experience using your store year-on-year without any IT headaches or downtime.

Woocommerce development

Quality eCommerce solutions

With 10 years of experience in web design and eCommerce development, we have an excellent track record in providing the very best design, technical assistance and support services for eCommerce stores running WordPress and Woocommerce.


  • Brand-focused website designs
  • Secure payment gateway installations
  • Secure eCommerce hosting and backups
  • Product and sales management tools
  • Hosting solutions
  • Search engine optimisation
  • & Product marketing

Whether large retailers or start-ups – you can leverage from our broad range of skills to ensure you get the best possible service in developing, launching and supporting the growth of your online store.

With a more personal service than offered by the larger agencies, we can provide you with expert advice and the most modern, low-maintenance eCommerce solution available to ensure your online retail business runs smoothly and has the scope to grow.

Whether an existing retail store that you want to put online or a new online business, we can help you take advantage of eCommerce, one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Jon Pike - Web Designer
August 15, 20236 minute read
Custom Web Design

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