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Safetyhub - Customer Logo

Digital transformation and multi-localised content development for the leaders in online safety training courses.

About Safetyhub

For over 25 years, Safetyhub has been creating high-quality safety videos in multiple countries and languages as an integral way to ensure people at work are informed, aware and compliant in their safety training.

Having recently modernised from safety training DVD-distribution to a subscription-based, streaming model – Safetyhub needed a complete digital transformation of their brand, messaging and website. The transformation would support the marketing and awareness of this new business model across a number of digital channels – including Google Search, Website and Social Media.


It was crucial for the success of the Safetyhub rebrand to better quantify the drivers of the messaging and product. We workshopped the development of business value propositions, customer touch-points identification and customer profiles. These conversations informed the creation of new, engaging copy and a digital corporate style guide.

Digital Brand

A digital corporate style guide was then developed including everything from iconography, button styles, typography, grid layouts and colour palettes of primaries, hues and shades.

Safetyhub Brand Development

Photographic Assets

Having identified the product’s target-audience as ‘Subscribers’ being the persons within an organisation who evaluate the product and are responsible for managing safety training programs – and ‘End Users’ as the staff who will go on to complete training modules – key photographic choices were made to include facilitators, HR managers, safety managers, office managers, business owners and end users ‘in situ’.

Website Transformation

A key goal of the website transformation was to smooth-out the existing, muddled design and drive home the newly defined positioning statement and value propositions in an uncluttered, easily-digestible design form.

Before and After Slider

A TLD and multi-regional, search engine optimised, subdirectory architecture was developed to facilitate both the user experience as well as the site visibility in multi-geographic search engines. This included keyword research, competitor research, customer journey mapping, UX strategy and content translation workflows. The work helped to position Safetyhub’s digital rebrand and new site launch as a progressive, innovative product offering to multi-localised audiences across the globe.

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