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View Cafe

The stunning vistas from View Café make this dining destination one of the Gold Coast Hinterland’s most rewarding visits.

About View Cafe

View Café is a modern and sophisticated venue, perched gracefully aside the Hinze Dam wall. A perfect spot to take in the gorgeous surrounding views of the Hinterland, and makes a great start or finish point when exploring the surrounding tourist spots.

When new owners acquired the View Cafe, they approached us to promote the new menu online and reposition the cafe as a tourist attraction.

Digital Brand

By incorporating the colours and shapes of the cafe’s surroundings, we developed the brand directly from the location of the cafe itself – hence the modern architectural lines of the building, the right angled pathways, the winding river and the vibrant, earthy colours all feature in the logotype design.

Colour Palette - View Cafe Visual Identity
View Cafe Logo Design
Diners at View Cafe
View Cafe Grounds
View Cafe Architecture
Brand Designer Melbourne - View Cafe - Brand Identity

The Brand and Copywriting

We worked closely with the new cafe owners to develop copy and visually attractive page layouts including fresh, professionally shot photography that captures the ultra-modern design of the architecture and surrounding grounds.

Copywriting consisted of newly-devised value propositions for the site’s main sections and fresh, engaging copy throughout. I utilised press releases, Google Maps integration and social media channel optimisation to promote the new menu and reposition the cafe as a Gold Coast tourist attraction.

View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 6
View Cafe Visual Identity Design
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 2
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 3
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 4
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 1
Next Digital Design - Logo - White - SVG

Ground Floor/470 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

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